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Axicon have been at the forefront of bar coding for over 30 years. Our experienced team can give you peace of mind that your barcodes will scan in any Retail or Supply Chain arena. Having already written many of the worlds leading Retailers bar code compliance requirements our knowledge of what is expected is vast. So, whether you are receiving back-charges for poor quality or incorrectly formatted bar codes and need help as to how this can be resolved or you would like Axicon to become your "bar code compliance department" simply click below.



Can't yet afford to buy an Axicon verifier to check you bar code quality? Simply send us your printed bar code on your finished product and we will complete a full analytical process of your bar code quality and format providing you with a full ANSI/ISO report and if necessary a solution of how to rectify the problem. We use Axicon ANSI/ISO 6000/7000 verification equipment to help determine if your bar code will scan properly.


Remember print quality and bar code format are your responsibility.


How much will it cost?

Once we receive your final printed bar code we will analyze your bar code within 1 to 2 day's of receipt. We will send you a full ANSI/ISO verification report and a full written report on the results advising you how the barcode quality can be improved.


$25.00 for the first bar code


If you subscribe to our verification bureau for a six month period it only cost $500 and you can have up to 10 barcodes a week verified.That's 240 bar codes for only $500 that's an amazing $2.10 per code.



We know how to get bar coding right in the retail arena. Improve your productivity and let Axicon take the responsibility on for you. Allow Axicon to become your barcode compliance department.

Axicon Verification Service sales sheet

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